How to Organize Your Garage

Garages are built to store cars, but all too often, they become excessively cluttered. Items such as old toys, household items, old cans of paint, rags, boxes of old clothings, and other odds and ends somehow often find their way into the garage. However, the reorganization of any garage need not be a difficult task if one is organized and has a plan of action.

The first step is to go through the garage and decide what to keep, what to sell, and what to toss. Remember, don’t be too quick to toss anything out, sometimes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So when sorting, see what can be resold at a garage sale or on websites like ebay.

Perforated hardboard or Metal


Perforated hardboard or ‘pegboard’ is sold in most home improvement stores. These boards have evenly spaced holes drilled into the surface which are used to hang hooks or pegs. Be creative when using pegboards in the garage. Have boards that hang garden implements, hand tools, or automotive supplies.

Perforated metal pegboards are also available in stores. These are tough, rust resistant and are capable of handling heavier objects such as bicycles and shovels.

Wall Shelving or Stand Alone shelving Units

Wall shelving and stand alone shelving units are available and are made of strong, durable metal or plastic. These sturdy units are capable of holding gallons of paint, automotive supplies, hoses, and tools. The stand alone units may be preferable as they can be moved from one area of the garage to another. There are also units available that have locking doors, for those of you who would like an added bit of security.

Garage Floor Coverings


Garages are also often used as a home workshop, a place for those weekend hobbyists to tinker with automobiles or complete woodworking projects. Flooring can make all the difference. Many hobbyists choose rubber garage mats, which interlock and can be used to cover areas of the floor near hobby tables.

A second option, is to simply paint the garage floor. Epoxy paint is the only type of paint that should be used in painting a garage floor as it prevents stains and deterioration. Make no mistake about it, epoxy can give the garage floor a stunning ‘show room’ look.

Garage Door Inspection

Having a garage door that flawlessly opens and closes, especially during winter is important to garage maintenance. Doing a basic inspection is simple. Just make sure the power is disconnected and inspect the door for anything out of the ordinary, making sure all weather striping is in place and the condition of the rollers. If the garage door is not functioning properly, call a service professional.

Organization, The Final Step

Garages can do more than hold the family car. They are large spaces that can hold a workshop or places for extra storage. Organization is the key. Utilizing peg boards, shelving units, bike and sports racks, along with mounted ceiling racks can help in organizing gardening and household storage, while making sure it is accessible when needed. If more storage options are needed, consider mobile workbenches, utility carts and tool chests, which greatly assist in organizing and storing tools and hardware.

Having a neatly organized garage is not difficult to achieve, but it can be a time consuming project. However, by working at it little by little, along with a solid plan of action, it is possible to transform your cluttered garage into a building that is useful and beneficial to the family.